Temporary Theatre Packages

If you’re putting on a production and can’t find the right venue then why not build your own?  It sounds like a scary concept but here at Undefined we’ve got years of experience building our own venues, we regularly create temporary theatres for a range of theatrical productions.  Our concept is perfect for staging anything from a conference, awards ceremony or musical production giving you ultimate flexibility in terms of space on and off stage, stage & lighting grid height, backdrop options and lighting and sound provision.  We can design a temporary theatre to fit into any venue regardless of space available, an initial site visit is all we need to come up with a design suited to you.

We can turn any boring Sports Hall into a Theatre fit for your production, take a look at these before and after photos to see what what a transformation we can make.

Temporary Theatre Packages


Black Box Theatre Stage

from £2,500 + VAT per week
  • 7m x 7m Stage Area plus 3m x 7m Wing Space either side
  • 2ft Stage Height with Black Skirt
  • Black Painted Floor Finish
  • 7m Grid Height with 2 LX bars
  • Black Borders and Legs
  • White Cyclorama or Black Backdrop

Additional options include:

  • Starcloth Backdrop
  • Additional Lighting Bars
  • Carpet for the Stage
  • Stage & Wing Size and Grid Height can be customised to your requirements


Basic Theatre LX Package

£1000 + VAT per week
  • 18 Prolights StudioCOB LED Par Cans
  • 12 ETC Source 4 Profiles
  • 12 Dimmers
  • Avolites Quartz Lighting Desk


Basic Theatre Sound Package

£1000 + VAT per week
  • 12 RCF HDL6a Line Array Speaker
  • 4 RCF Sub 8004
  • Behringer X32
  • 8 Headset G3 Radio Microphones


Why not combine all three packages to get an even more cost effective solution, deal pricing can be discussed.