Wizard of Oz - Newcastle Musical Theatre Company

Theatre Royal Newcastle 2017

The musical The Wizard of Oz has seen many stage adaptations over the years each employing different techniques and twists to tell the classic story. Newcastle Musical Theatre Societies 2017 version was no different and The Undefined Group, were brought in to help. For the week long run at one of the country’s most iconic theatres we were commissioned to design, produce and implement a projection system versatile enough to serve various purposes throughout the show, from the Wizard, to snow in the poppy fields and even a 3D animation of the Cyclone the system had to tick multiple boxes and help tell the familiar story.


The Undefined Group were responsible for all content creation and implementation of the projection system for the show. To do this we utilised a single high brightness laser source projector rigged in the auditorium. Utilising a series of programming sequences, we could control the zoom, focus and lens shift on the projector through qlab allowing it to be used effectively on the four-different projection surfaces inbuilt into the set. Use of Qlab’s advanced video manipulation tools allowed us perfectly align the content each time without errors or misalignment. All content for the show was custom built using Adobe Aftereffects, Premier and Photoshop by our in house graphics department, and both the content and it’s use within the show was met with rave reviews from the society, audiences and critics alike.