The Durham Hymns

Durham Cathedral 2016

The Durham Hymns, a piece commissioned by the Northern Regional Brass Band Trust in partnership with Durham County Council, was performed in Durham cathedral by a massed Brass Band and Choir.  We were working in collaboration with Ingram AV to bring the piece to life by lighting the performers and the Cathedral.  The 70-minute piece interspersed moments of spoken word from Charlie Hardwick and Phil Corbitt, provided plenty of time for reflection remembering those who fought in the battle of the Somme. The major challenge was lighting the hundreds of choir members who were seated on risers in the crossing of the Cathedral, we achieved this using Martin Mac Auras to give flexibility when on site given the limitations of the lighting positions available.  Throughout the cathedral we used Prolights SmartBAT fixtures to up light the columns throughout the Nave.  The work is now available on CD but it can never be experienced in the scale and grandeur of the cathedral like it was that evening.