Selwyn Snowball 2015

A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream

The Selwyn Snowball Committee once again approached The Undefined Group to provide full technical production Services for the annual event at Selwyn College in Cambridge.  The theme was ‘A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream’ and took elements from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Throughout the event they had themed each room to a different part of the story.

Event Production Services

Thought the event the committee utilise 8 spaces within the college grounds as venues for the event including the College Bar and Chapel.  We provided a range of services in each location including Staging, Rigging, Sound & Lighting in Hall for the Main Stage down to simple lighting in the Porter’s Lodge.

The highlight of the event is always the Main Stage in the College Hall which this year featured a headline set from Philip George, the well renowned DJ & Record Producer.  The room was themed as though it were a Theatre and so the stage was draped with red velvet curtains and featured a custom printed Proscenium Arch. The PA system consisted of L’Acoustics KIVA Line Array Speakers and L’Acoustics SB15 and SB18 Subwoofers controlled from a Soundcraft Vi1 Mixer.  The Lighting consisted of Martin Mac Quantum Profiles, Martin Mac 101 and Showtec Sunstrip Actives controlled from an Avolites Quartz and Mobile Fader Wing.

Outdoor Lighting & Projection

Their original brief for the outdoor area was to create a Shadow Theatre using a screen placed in the middle of Old Court Lawn and use live performers throughout the night. For logistical reasons we decided it wouldn’t be practical to have performers acting out the same sequence for 9 hours and so designed a multi-dimensional Projection Surface creating a Cube in the middle of the lawn area which allowed viewing from all sides. The Cube featured four projection screens and displayed footage of shadow theatre depicting some of the iconic scenes from the Shakespeare play filmed in advance of the event.

In order to enhance the viewing experience of the Shadow Theatre we provided extensive architectural lighting around the whole of Old Court lighting up the 200m perimeter of the site. This isn’t the first time we have lit up the impressive architecture of Selwyn College and a particular highlight is the impressive Chapel at the heart of Old Court. The Footage featured no audio which reflected the stylistic choice for the Shadow Theatre and so the lighting needed to not only complement the storyline but also enhance the display for the guests at the Ball. We pre-programmed the show and MIDI Timecoded both the Lighting and Projection with minimal need for programming on site. The display was approximately 15 minutes in length and could be viewed from all areas of the court and so guests could make their way from the entrance to the entertainment venues whilst experiencing the show and getting a truly 360° view of the display which ran throughout the evening.

The Committee for the event were impressed with our design ideas and really loved the interaction we had with them in regards to the planning of the event. We visualised many elements of the design using CAD software in our Pre-Production Suite but until we got to site no one on the committee could imagine the scale of the display. Guests at the event were in awe of all that was achieved and we once again raised the bar for the production quality of the Selwyn Snowball.