Outdoor PA System Installation

Bede Primary School, Gateshead

Bede Primary School approached Undefined Group following our successful installation of a sound system in their main hall. They were installing an outdoor dance studio area and wanted the ability to play music outside without needing to setup any equipment.

We designed and installed a PA system consisting of two RCF P2110-T housed in custom built cages. These speakers were chosen due to their range allowing them to be used for music and speech over large distances with excellent clarity. They are also IP rated for outdoor use which would be essential due their exposed location.

The control for the system was split into two parts. The bulk of the equipment including amplifier and a rack mounted mixer would be housed in a small rack wall mounted in one of the changing rooms. Our team custom built a waterproof enclosure with a mini-jack input for an iPod or mobile phone and XLR input for a microphone. A set of controls outside allow the user to alter the volume and tone of the system.

The system, in normal operation, is used with the indoor control rack powered and the settings on the mixer unchanged after being originally set by our technicians at installation. The day to day use of the system is solely by the outdoor control box, this gives the staff complete control of the system from the location it is used without needing to leave the area. It also means the system is ready to use at all times.