Sports Hall AV Installation

Kings Academy, Middlesborough

Undefined Group were invited by the Emmanuel Schools Foundation on behalf of Kings Academy to carry out the design, installation and commissioning of a new Audio Visual System for their Sports Hall. The award of this contract followed the success of a similar installation at sister school Emmanuel College detailed above. Similar to Emmanuel College we were tasked to provide a system which required little to no setup, but was inobtrusive when not in use and protected due to the spaces main use as a sports hall.

The system in Kings Academy was designed to conform to the same design standard as Emmanuel College as it was one with which provided maximum flexibility for the space whilst remaining simple for operators to understand.

For this installation it was decided that the positions of the screens would be the two opposite walls of the sports hall. As such, projectors with long throw lenses were specified and installed above the opposing screen, protected within a custom built metal cage.

The aim for the system was for it to require as little setup time as possible, so all microphones and audio inputs used on a daily basis were specified to be wireless, including a wireless instrument kit to allow a keyboard to be connected to the system without need for any audio cable.

An addition to the system at Kings Academy was that of stage lighting infrastructure. Kings Academy often use the venue for concerts and special events and wanted to be able to rig lighting instruments in the hall with ease. In order to facilitate this we installed two lighting IWB’s in the venue with the socket outputs hard patched to two installation dimmers. The DMX input for the system is also patchable to any of the patch panels around the venue so that the control console can be positioned alongside the mixer rack wherever it is located.

Our technicians continue to support this system by performing visual inspection and cleaning of components annually with no preventative maintenance required by the in house teams in between these service visits.