Goldilocks Theatre Royal Newcastle

Cloth Sniffer Rigging

In November 2018 we supplied and installed a custom rigging solution for a Cloth Sniffer in the Qdos Pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears at Newcastle Theatre Royal.  The Cloth Sniffer was used at the start of each show to quickly dispose of a cloth dropped from a kabuki system.  The sniffer was required to be accessible in case of service throughout the run and so additional rigging points had to be installed.  A Prolyte H30V Truss mother truss was hung from five in house chain hoists from which additional chain hoists for the cloth sniffer truss were rigged.  After each performance the cloth sniffer was lowered into the auditorium to allow the cloth the be retracted and reset for the next show.  In addition to the cloth sniffer truss, Sound & Lighting Equipment was rigged from the rest of the mother grid.