Sports Hall AV Installation

Emmanuel College, Gateshead

Undefined Group were invited by Emmanuel College to carry out the design, installation and commissioning of a new Audio Visual System for their Sports Hall. After many years of using a temporary PA system and OHP Projectors the scope was to replace the entire system and provide something which required little to no setup. It had to be unobtrusive when not in use and protected due to the spaces main use as a sports hall.

Our solution was to install a fixed PA and Projection system, capable of being used for either complex large events with multiple video and audio sources or scaled to allow a laptop to be connected to the system during PE lessons. The system was designed with the philosophy that as many of the cable runs as possible would be over CAT6 network cable. This allowed us to create a system that is truly customisable and would be able to adapt as the demands on the system varied in future years.

We installed two Panasonic RZ670 Laser Projectors protected in custom built cages with all control and data connections via a single CAT6 cable using the Panasonic Digital Link Protocol. The two large electrically operated roller projection screens allow the projection surfaces to be protected from any damage when the hall is in use for sporting activities.

A point source audio system was specified for the venue with the speakers installed high up within the roof structure to protect them from any damage. All ancillary equipment including radio microphones and amplifiers are installed alongside the patch bay for the system in a separate location. Only a single ‘control rack’ is required to be wheeled out and setup for events which require use of the additional control surfaces. The use of a universal CAT6 infrastructure system allows this rack to be connected in seconds with the additional benefit of maintained high signal quality due to all audio and video data being transmitted digitally.

By installing a patch bay for all cable connections and designing the system not as a single system but as set of options which can be patched and re-patched based on the need of the specific event. This allows the schools technicians to utilise the system in ways they would be unable to any other way.

Our technicians continue to support this system by performing visual inspection and cleaning of components annually with no preventative maintenance required by the in house teams in between these service visits.