Emmanuel College Carol Service

Newcastle City Hall

Emmanuel College Gateshead is the founding school of the Emmanuel Schools Foundation, a growing collection of schools across the North of England known for their exceptional education standards. A long standing client of ours with whom we’ve worked on countless events and installations, approached us in November 2018 looking for a fresh approach to one of their most prestigious events in the academic calendar. Undefined Group was tasked with providing sound support for the Annual Carol Service held at Newcastle City Hall. 

We already had extensive knowledge of the format and running of the event having worked with Emmanuel College for a number of years and being in attendance at the event countless times. For us this was not only a privilege but also a pleasure to support our clients in new and exciting ways. 
The event itself comprises of a number of musical performances performed entirely by students intertwined with biblical readings and a message from the guest speaker. Our key objectives were to provide amplification of everything that was to be performed on stage whilst maintaining the highest quality and clarity for the audience. 
The PA System comprised of D&B Y8 and Y Sub stacks on stage for Stalls coverage with D&B 10S-D speakers as front fills and D&B Y7 and Y10 speakers for coverage of the balcony. A Digico SD9 was controlled at FOH with a D2 and SD Rack on stage taking care of the 60 inputs. 
The 40 piece orchestra made up almost entirely of students required a comprehensive microphone package for which we opted to primarily use DPA microphones for their excellent diversity and clarity of sound. We supplied a package of DPA d:facto II, 2011C and 4099 microphones for the orchestra as well as DPA 4011A, 4015A and d:sign SC4098 for the choir consisting of over 200 more students. We also supplied eight Sennheiser G3 wireless belt pack microphone systems which we used with d:fine 6066 headset microphones, the newest sub-miniature product from DPA. 
The event schedule is packed with installation and rehearsals taking place on the morning of the event giving very little time for sound checks before getting to grips with each section of the show. Our choice to supply the event with almost entirely DPA microphones proved worthwhile as the engineer on FOH had very little work to do to get the perfect balance due to the incredible quality of sound that each microphone produces. 
The event was highly successful and the client was overwhelmed by the speed and attention to detail that we provided. They were so happy with our service that we were booked in for 2019 the very same night so we look forward to seeing where we can take the event in the future!