Camera Track Platform - Young Frankenstein EPK

Theatre Royal Newcastle

We were asked to provide two camera platforms for the filming of an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the brand new West End Musical Young Frankenstein which was to be filmed in Theatre Royal Newcastle.  What would appear to be an easy task was made a lot more challenging because one of them had to fit over the permanent auditorium seating. A custom solution with diverted legs was utilised to allow the platform to fit around the curved rows of seating so that a camera jib could be tracked across the width of the auditorium.  A second platform was built to extend from the front of the stage for close up shots.  The staging platforms required levelling to counteract the rake of the auditorium as well as careful placement of legs to avoid damaging the auditorium seating.

Both platforms were installed and removed in one day all prior to the evenings performance, the audience would never have known what happened in there that day!