A Christmas Rory

Pantodrome, Newcastle

Miss Rory was back at it again, this time spreading festive cheer to the loyal audience of Newcastle.  A Christmas Rory was her third instalment of satirical gags and anecdotes with a hint of festive tidings.  Her adoring fans flocked in their Santa hats to see her perform another of her solo shows.  As always there was a fair share of audience interaction, building to the show’s finale where unwitting members of the audience performed Miss Rory’s own take on the traditional Christmas Nativity.

For us, this show was simple, utilising equipment already in place for the Pantomime which we provided full technical provision.  A simple festive lighting design along with a lot of custom gobos gave the shows its own unique look against the backdrop of the Pantomime stage.  Check out our case study on Jack & the Beanstalk for more info on what we provided for the venue.